dance as intimate technology

As a dancer-choreographer, Christine is mostly dealing with space and spaciousness and how that affects bodily textures, movement qualities and performative states. Spacial thinking brought her to sound and listening as a tool to re-imagine choreographic practices. 

Her methodology is intuitive and many-headed and considering non-hierarchical strategies. Inspired by the natural world, new materialist en eco-feminist writings (such as Donna Haraway), her transdisciplinary practices evolve improvisation scores, dance, somatic bodywork techniques*, experiential anatomy, sound and listening technologies, visual arts and writing.
*Somatic approaches are sensation-based movement practices and emphasise proprioceptive experiences. (Proprioception is a physical sense of space and body positioning in space) 

Christines’ research questions how the use of technologies in sensorial choreography can contribute to a textured experience of and a closer connection with the natural world. 


Her interested lies in art forms that are celebrating, questioning or enhancing our (sensory) perceptions and differences:

Dance & the body as an intimate technology, an act of resistance on a journey of rethinking and repositioning oneself in ones’ situated direct and indirect environment. 

Dance & the body as a vehicle for sensory awareness & textured/differentiated experiences.

Dance & the body as a portal for connection with human and other than human beings.


Christine’s practice is relational, sensorial and cumulative. She is specifically fascinated by sound and listening as a container to re-imagine choreographic practises. In her practice, she is trying to find out how much performance, spaces and dance can be listened with.
Through her work & research, she researches different ways of relating with, creating and sharing performative experiences people can pause, listen and connect with, by becoming hyperaware of their environment.



Christine Sollie is a dance artist and performer. She studied dance and choreography at The Place (London) and has over 10 years stage experience worldwide.
She collaborated with choreographers, amongst others, Louise Chardon (FR), Kenzo Kusuda (JP), Goele Van Dijck (BE), Jon R. Skulberg (DK), Tomasz Jan Wygoda (PL), Katja Richter (DE), Vera Tussing (DE/BE) and Serafine1369 (UK).

She performed in opera productions by, a.o., Calixto Bieito (SP), Mariusz Trelinski (PL), Barbora Horáková (TJ) and Kirsten Dehlholm (DE). She performed with Theater De Spiegel (BE), Nat Gras (BE), Theater Tol (BE), Hotel Pro Forma (DK).
Christine collaborated and performed in Virtual Reality performances with LUNDAHL & SEITL (SW), ScanLab (UK) for ETERNAL RETURN on CPH: DOX (DK), London BFI (UK) en SCREEN CITY BIENNALE BERLIN (GE) and with Josse Vessies (NL).

This and next season Christine is a.o. collaborating and performing in UN-STAGING TACTILITY, by Vera Tussing. In 2024 THE WEATHER REPORT by Jon R. Skulberg (DK) and Kenzo Kusuda(JP).

Her own work is shown in Berlin, London, Copenhagen and in Belgium.

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