Aerial Placenta

I opened my skin
Detached my bones
Traces of thought
Move skies

Aerial Placenta

Aerial Placenta is about the vegetal world that ensures mothering care with the environment in and around us through air and oxygen.

Aerial Placenta is a term from Luce Irigaray (Through Vegetal Being). Here, a vegetal being, while personified as a mother, connects and nourishes through air. Living a nomadic lifestyle, I question what is connecting me, what grounds me and what makes me move further. What is weight? What is weightlessness? Has a thought weight? If yes, how does it move through me?

solo part:
duet end:

This performance is part of Movere Momentum (Keya Mosso Art) and was performed in Berlin, Ackerstadtpalast, July 2022.

Concept performance: Christine Sollie
Performers: Bryn Thomas & Christine Sollie
Director: Katja Richter
Projections: Katja Richter
Sound design: AGF, Craig Armstrong (Writing Pitch And Depth) and Christine Sollie
Light/ Support: Pilar Falco

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