Audio Traces

The pandemic brought an overload in visual technologic realities that are mostly frontal and screen related. The impact of spending more time in front of a screen, spoke mostly to me through my skin. My skin became dull, my attention dropped. This made me question how I can engage differently within my dance practice.

I started to question how sound could potentially be a 3 or more dimensional space for holding, relating and creating. How can “listening” as such, both open and hold a space for other ways of being, sharing or creating? And how can different environments become tangible speakers for movement?
How can I move in sonic ways? What does that mean? How can I tune in with my movement so I could hear it? Which sounds emerge?

I started to record AUDIOTRACES while I was moving. Inspired by John Cage, these AUDIOTRACES are not objects, I am involved in making processes of tracing sounds by moving and recording. By collecting these traces I wanted to deepen my practice of listening.

I presented these audio traces in the form an listening journey combined with spoken text at The Place, March 2021.
Voices that echo throughout my research are amongst many others Pauline Oliveros, Karen Barad, Astrida Neimanis.

breath descends my body



human and non human voices

implode under my skin

echos of echolocation

reach simultaneously in and out

with every new breath

I choreograph vibrations 

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