Body Architectures for Listening

Body Architectures for listening
is a fluid organism that generates scores for listening and moving.
Attending to, or with, unseen forces around us, such as waves, imagination and sounds, I am acting as a multiple subject with at least double vision and quadruple hearing, constantly perceiving, in conversation with my environment.

Inspired by feminist writers, such as Donna Haraway*, these scores intend to act as nodes in webs of differential positioning. As temporary buoys for rest and clarification in an endles complex and growing web of differentiation.
*Situated Knowledges/ The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspective. Donna Haraway. (1988)

Meandering prompts during this research:
What if sound does not act as a straight line,
but something like water, passing through & around the body & going simultaneously in and out?
What is the gravity of a sound wave and how could that be expressed through/ with the body?
How far can we stretch (unseen) spaces for sound, imagination, waves through and with the body?
Where does the sound of rain start and where does it end?
Why do we think that thought is silent? & Could there be a noisy / messy practice?


locate any area /form of contraction in the body & open them up by:
-imagining sounds as sun-rays passing through high concentration/contraction of lines in your body
-stretch the tension line(s) by elongating and stretching the contracted area of your body
-elongate longer into the unseen/unexpected
-re(se)a(r)ch voids

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