Tracing Waves

©Kirill Burlov

Tracing Waves is an immersive performance on listening beyond the visual. 
The audience sits by a seashore of 8 speakers and is invited to listen and be with waves of body movements, aural (electronic) sea-waves, and a wavy set design of silver mylar foils resembling a sea like surface on stage. You will experience sounds vibrating through the body as they vibrate through materials and space. Through textural qualities of water, this piece researches concepts of fluidity, repetition, chaos, response, embeddedness and relationality. Choreography becomes a dreamscape for the unfolding world in and around us by listening beyond the visual. Finally, the stage becomes an immersive instrument that sounds, holds and creates possible (sonic) worlds. 

Concept, choreography and performance: Christine Sollie
Sound Design: Xavier Velastin
Advise light: Gertjan Biasino
Light: Marco Cifre
Mentors: Vera Tussing and Salomé Voegelin
Thanks to: Helena Allan, Mike Picknett, Nicole Robson
Supported by: The Place

When a sound pours in, a wave bends into another possibility…

In Tracing Waves, Christine Sollie creates a world of water that envelops the auditorium. Xavier Velastin’s beautifully rich sound design echoes droplets, waves, and rushes of liquid as fans and speakers dotted around the edge of the stage interact with large silver mylar foils that ripple and rustle. The textures are brilliant. In the programme notes, Sollie invites us to listen ‘beyond the visual’, which is challenging as some moments of choreography are striking – the shifting of foil over her body reminiscent of Loie Fuller’s Serpentine Dance.
Isaac Ouro-Gnao

The choreography of sound, waves of basses and raindrops, is subtle and effective. The imagery is striking – in the most effective moment, an abstract kinetic sculpture emerges, foil unfolding and coming alive in slo-mo. Sollie pulls you in – there’s a magnetic quality in her intense, unnerving, blank stare.
Iris Kilian

“Throughout the performance I felt like my brain was receiving a gentle massage.”
“Wow, this performance was like birthing the whole universe through sound and visuals.”

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